Living Color

Living Room

The intent was to create a space to mingle. The circular furniture placement, ceiling motif and fireplace surround introduce that concept, but color placement enhances it. “We tend to do traditional colors, but here we wanted to add vibrancy,” so the designers generously sprinkled red around as an accent. “Red is powerful. You have to use it in the right proportion,” says Ramos, who feels some of the best places to use color are art and accessories. “That way you can change them when the room needs freshening.” Color as an accent also keeps the eye moving through the space.

To balance the use of red, walls and draperies are subdued solids—green, soft yellow and blue. A high-gloss finish on the blue wall makes it pop against the other colors, while using a camel tone behind the blue draperies soothes and balances the red. “Colors opposite each other on the color wheel create excitement,” Friedman notes, and adds that trendy colors can be changed on a whim to update a space.

Sheree Friedman & Ricardo Ramos, Studio Nuovo, LLC, Bethesda, Maryland