A Minimalist Palette

A sumptuous bathroom evokes the spa experience at home

A Minimalist Palette

Design/Build: Jonas Carnemark systems+design, Inc.,
Bethesda, Maryland

Although a 20-year old, 4,500- square-foot brick colonial home presented investment banker Demetri Diavatis with some significant remodeling challenges, its Georgetown location held great appeal. He turned to designer Jonas Carnemark to recreate the space with contemporary styling.

“The bathroom was the last project we tackled and was part of a master bedroom suite remodel that came together almost like a puzzle,” says Carnemark. “My client wanted to fit a long list of spa-like conveniences into a constricted, narrow space. The challenge was to incor-porate a list of elements that included a whirlpool tub for two, a steam shower with bench, a double vanity, a closet and laundry, while creating an open, transparent atmosphere.” To accomplish the goal, Carnemark located the glass-walled steam shower in the center of the room as a see-through divider that informs the rest of the plan. To avoid having the plumbing on the exterior wall (and risk freezing), a tile-clad pillar deftly conceals the shower’s inner workings—and adds a striking design detail. Frosted panels provide privacy without eliminating sight lines, and in keeping with Diavatis’ streamlined, contemporary aesthetic, the material palette is kept to a minimum. Aqua blue mosaic shower details provide a shot of color against a wall of interior lit sliding doors that lend drama to the new space.

DESIGN/BUILD: Jonas Carnemark systems+design, Inc., Bethesda, Maryland; Photography: Maxwell MacKenzie, Washington, DC

RESOURCESFloor & Shower Floor: Floor Gres, Grigio Bedonia. Shower Wall & Tower: Bisazza. Bathtub: Tea for Two by Kohler. Shower Fixtures: Hangrohe. Steam Shower: Steamist.

Carnemark located the glass-walled steam shower in the
center of the room, a tile pillar concealing its inner workings.