Great Falls Pool Makeover

An Elegant Upgrade


There are more than 40,000 swimming pools in the DC metropolitan area, and Don Gwiz, vice-president of Lewis-Aquatech, says most of them are in need of a makeover.

“What was done in 1985,” he says, “is clearly out of date.” And that, he adds, includes back-yard amenities as well as architectural style.The swimming pool in this Great Falls project was definitely due for a facelift. It had a dated water line tile, an exposed aggregate pool deck and a white plaster interior, “which gives you that powder blue YMCA look,” says Gwiz. In addition, the spa at one end of the pool had a strange-looking shelf for sun-tanning that stuck out from the edge of the spa.
The homeowners called Lewis-Aquatech and said they wanted a complete makeover of the swimming pool, located just off the rear of the house. Gwiz left the shell of the pool in place and upgraded the interior with a dark blue pebble finish that gives the water a more desirable color. The pool deck and water line tile were replaced with flagstone, the sun-tanning shelf was removed and the spa was faced with stone and new coping.
Most clients today, says Gwiz, want stone around their pools, whether it’s travertine, limestone or Arizona flagstone. They also want outdoor accoutrements like pergolas and kitchens, fireplaces or fire pits, waterfalls and arbors. As Gwiz puts it, “Outside is in now, and it’s all about a complete outdoor living space that is based on the client’s desires.”

Design: Don Gwiz, Lewis-Aquatech, Chantilly, Virginia; Photography: Morgan Howarth, Manassas, Virginia.