Cachet- Georgetown Gem


Jewelry designer Heidi Hess, 25, brings her unique creations to her newly opened Georgetown boutique, Poppy. The shop, which takes its moniker from Hess’s own nickname, borrows inspiration for its décor from the flower: A deep purple hearth and red accent wall complement white, distressed wood floors.

Hess’s spring collection combines elongated forms and saturated colors to produce such delicate pieces as these garnet and green glass earrings (above). And moving from personal to home adornment, she also creates Hestia Daemons—a line of commissioned wall hangings intended to reflect a client’s spirit and personal history (top). Hess calls these pieces handcrafted from silver and gold metaphorical family seals. “My pieces are symbols for our storytelling,” she says.

3235 P Street, NW. Phone 202-290-1377 or visit Sanders