An upcoming exhibition will highlight sculpture by Harush Shlomo.
Installation by Tejo Remy.
Installation by Tejo Remy.

Industrial Art

The latest addition to DC's art scene, Industry Gallery will showcase design for the 21st century

Industrial Art JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010

A new gallery opens its doors in DC on January 16. Industry Gallery will focus on functional art created with industrial materials, from wire mesh and Lucite to fiberglass and rope. Exhibitions will highlight limited-edition pieces by such innovative artists as Harush Shlomo, whose sculpture is pictured above, and Tejo Remy, whose installations are shown on the left.

Industry Gallery will occupy a 4,300-square-foot space at 1358 Florida Avenue, NE—also home to Conner  Contemporary Art, a venue for artists who specialize in diverse media. According to Industry Gallery director Craig Appelbaum, contemporary design is attracting more and more attention. “Conner has helped make DC a destination for contemporary art connoisseurs,” Appelbaum says. “My intention is to make it a destination for aficionados of design too." Call 202-399-1730 or email

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