Josephine's was designed by Studios Architecture, an international firm with offices in DC.
The club is located at 1008 Vermont Avenue, NW.

Applause- Underground Empire

New DC club won an AIA Award for Interior Architecture

Applause- Underground Empire Patrons of Josephine, an upscale nightclub in a prewar building in downtown DC, must travel down to the basement level to enjoy the uniquely atmospheric space. It’s worth the trip. Opened in 2008, the 6,000-square-foot club was designed by Studios Architecture—an international firm with offices in DC—and won a 2009 AIA Washington, DC, Excellence Award in Interior Architecture.

Because of Josephine’s location, the architects had to contend with low ceilings, exposed pipes and an irregular column grid. They used the low ceilings to create a sense of intimacy and focused the lighting downward onto select surfaces to give the club the appearance of a theatrical set. They also designed a sunken pit for the dance floor.

Josephine’s two rooms showcase different looks: One boasts saturated colors on the walls, columns trimmed with custom-made graphic wallpapers and plush, moveable seating. The other is gold with a mica-flecked ceiling, bronze sconces and mirrored tables. The club is located at 1008 Vermont Avenue, NW;

RENOVATION ARCHITECTURE: Greg Keffer, design principal, Brian Miller, project designer, Melissa Funky, project architect, Studios Architecture, Washington, DC.