ANV Group's Tennessee Traditional model offers a modern take on a classic Colonial style.

A Careful Approach

Builder Neil Puri of ANV Group imbues his custom homes with the spirit of the neighborhood.

A Careful Approach MARCH/APRIL 2010

When Neil Puri earned his information systems degree, his first job was far from the construction industry. “I was thrown into a huge room of cubicles filled with first-generation Americans who spoke one language: computer coding,” recalls Puri. “The only thing I learned was that I would be stuck in that cubicle every day.”

Puri had learned how to build homes with his father, a builder, so that was a path that made sense. He held a couple of jobs with big building companies before branching out on his own. In his first year as a homebuilder, he had two sales; in the next year, seven. Seven years later, his company, Northern Virginia-based ANV Group, is selling at a very steady pace, even in the midst of the financial and housing downturn.

“We see each lot as our canvas and neighborhoods as our galleries,” Puri says. “All homes are part of a larger vision of recreating neighborhoods into livable, visible pieces of art.”

ANV recently built 15 unique homes in McLean, Virginia. They also purchased three model home sites. “When it comes to the inside of the home the homeowner has relatively free reign on the design. However, on the outside every brick is laid the way I want it, ” Puri says.        

ANV specializes in infill building in some of the area’s most desirable communities. Aside from model home sites, the company owns no land and builds exclusively on its clients’ lots. Buyers can choose from a wide variety of designs in ANV’s portfolio, in a wide range of sizes and price points.

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