Panasonic's 3D TV in action.
Speakal's whimsical iBoo docking station.
The Twin video camera, with its front and back lenses.
Plastic Logic's new Que electronic reader--just the thing to go with your morning coffee.

Home Tech — Gadgets Galore

The 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show in
Las Vegas unveiled a dizzying array of gizmos and gadgets exhibiting the latest in home technology


Seeing Triple

3D TV technology was everywhere at this year’s show, with models by LG, Panasonic, Sony and more. The first releases will be available in March, with such high-profile programmers as ESPN and Discovery promising 3D channels to complement the sets. The good news: The technology really is ready for prime time. The bad news: Viewers will have to wear those goofy glasses at home for the next five years at least. Pictured here, Panasonic’s 3D plasma TV, winner of the 2010 Best of CES Award.


On the Dock 

If you’re looking for a fanciful place to dock your iPod, Speakal has a line of stations/speakers that are as whimsical as they are wattage-friendly. From adorable iPig to ghostly iBoo to slick iPom (an apple with removable flower speakers “growing” out the top), the speakers are lightweight, durable and sure to start a conversation. From $79.99 to $129.99.


Picture Perfect

Billed as the world’s first video recorder with both a front and back lens, Ion’s Twin video camera allows users to capture themselves and what they are seeing at the same time with one device. The camera, which is due out this spring, also has live editing features, geared to make video blogging and posting to YouTube and Facebook easy; pricing not yet available.


A Great Read

With its one-third-inch thick body and touch-screen capabilities, Plastic Logic’s new Que electronic reader simply blows away the competition. Yes, the pricetag is steep, but its crisp, clear screen reads like paper, just the thing to go with your morning coffee. Aware that content is king, Plastic Logic has partnered with more than 300 newspapers and magazines to provide print-like formatting specifically for the device. $649 or $799, including an AT&T lifetime data connection. 

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