A chateau-style estate showcases the quality of that Pyramid Builders provides.
President Bret Anderson and vice president Mark Sanders.
A waterfront home with a pool house.
A game room in a Pyramid Builders home boasts coffered ceilings and custom built-ins.
A barrel-vault ceiling <br />
with an elliptical window (during construction).

A Seamless Process

Pyramid Builders delivers a high level of craftsmanship and customer service


As a boy whose grandfather and great-grandfather were homebuilders, Bret Anderson knew that the family business was in his blood. Inspired by these two role models, he followed in their footsteps and founded Annapolis-based Pyramid Builders in 1987.

Clearly, Anderson learned a thing or two from his mentors. Today, Pyramid boasts an impressive portfolio of custom homes in a wide variety of styles—all unified by an extreme level of detail and craftsmanship. Examples of recent work include a home built in the style of a French chateau and a stone mansion with a slate roof reminiscent of a historic estate in England. A riverfront retreat is now under construction featuring an elaborate Roman-style bath with carved limestone walls and a sunroom with 180-degree views of the Severn River and its surroundings.

Anderson takes pride in the quality of Pyramid’s finished product, but also in the methods he and vice president Mark Sanders have developed to carry every project seamlessly from design through construction and maintenance. “Everything we do is one-of-a-kind,” Anderson says. “For 20 years, our focus has been on building a better company, creating a predictable outcome out of a one-of-a-kind, unpredictable process. It involves an incredible amount of capability, management, craftsmanship and talent.”

Pyramid’s focus is on careful planning, attention to detail and solving problems before they arise. “We take the stress out of building for clients and make it enjoyable,” says Sanders, who joined the company in 1998.

Once a design for a home is finalized, a project manager “builds” the project on paper before construction even starts, so the company can anticipate exactly how the job will unfold. After breaking ground, a project manager in the office handles day-to-day orders and deliveries while a full-time site superintendent in the field ensures that “the job is crafted with the intent of the architect, designer and builder. It’s all about the craft, detail, fit and finish,” says Anderson.

Rather than relying on subcontractors, Pyramid employs a staff of 50, including skilled carpenters, painters, tile-setters, masons and even a full-time cabinetmaker. “We hire craftsmen and allow them to do their best, unlike smaller companies where staff has to wear too many hats, or larger ones that lose personalization or control of projects,” Anderson says. He and Sanders remain closely involved during every step of a job, visiting work sites and communicating with clients on a regular basis. “We have enough help so we can be meaningful and have the time needed to add value to the process,” says Anderson.

Once a project is complete, Pyramid offers a program to help clients with routine maintenance work. “It’s comforting to know that if anything comes up, we’re a phone call away,” says Sanders. “We consider ourselves a builder for life.”

Facts & Stats
About 50 percent of the company’s work is centered around Annapolis, while 50 percent is located in the Baltimore-Washington area.

Providing homeowners and architects with the highest level of service
possible, emphasizing craftsmanship, durability and quality while managing costs and schedules.

Pyramid Builders,
2 Womack Drive,
Annapolis, MD 21401;

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