The family room is situated over a bridge the architect designed to accommodate drainage from a slope behind the house.
A cantilevered, helical, two-story stairway made of steel with Brazilian-cherry stair treads.

A Commitment to Quality

KohlMark Group creates architecture in any style

A Commitment to Quality SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010

Design/build architecture runs in Mark Kohler’s family. When his father hung his shingle in 1963, he was one of the first to handle both sides of the business at a time when, according to his son, such a practice was frowned upon. Mark Kohler, who joined his father in 1984, eventually took the reins and with Tom Flach, who joined in 1996, built a thriving business. Both are licensed architects.

Today, KohlMark Group is divided into two parts: KohlMark Architects and KohlMark Builders. “We think of ourselves as architect-builders,” Kohler says, “not builder-architects. We have a design focus.”

KohlMark’s work is almost entirely residential, and they build in a variety of architectural styles, depending on the client’s wishes. “We thrive on challenging or unique sites,” says Flach, who is now vice president of the company. “From Skyline Drive to the Delaware beaches, we try to work within the context of each neighborhood.”

Case in point: the Clifton, Virginia, renovation pictured here. Rather than redirecting the water that drained from behind the existing house, Kohler constructed a bridge beneath the home’s addition for the water to run under—truly an innovative solution.

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