The golf room by Virtual Golf Girl doubles as a media room and a family gaming center.
The Digital iPod Jukebox from Frontgate.
Savant's new remote control.
A projector from SIM2's Grand Cinema MICO series.
Brookstone's Motorized CD/DVD Repair System.

HomeTech — Play Time

Gadgets and gizmos add new dimension to home entertainment

HomeTech — Play Time NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010


The golf room by Virtual Golf Girl brings home some of the world’s top courses, from Pebble Beach to Pinehurst. Using 3D modeling technology, the simulator showcases the scenery of world famous championship courses. Designed by Lynni Megginson, the space doubles as a media room with projection TV and a family gaming center. 


Nostalgia meets cutting-edge technology in the Digital iPod Jukebox from Frontgate.  Boasting a classic fifties-era exterior, the jukebox holds a built-in hard drive that stores and catalogs 1,500 hours of music and video content—accessible through a touch-screen interface—and a four-speaker audio system.


Savant’s new remote control boasts a touch-screen display portion that is actually the latest model iPod Touch encased in the device’s hardware. It controls lighting, home theater equipment, networked cameras and home security. Available through Bethesda Systems in Bethesda, Maryland.;


SIM2’s Grand Cinema MICO series is an eco-friendly home theater projector that uses lamp-free PureLED light source technology. It provides wider and more consistent color reproduction and razor-sharp images, with the long lifespan of an LED. It’s also equipped with a technologically advanced liquid-cooling system that reduces operating noise.


Before replacing scratched CDs and DVDs, try the automatic Motorized CD/DVD Repair System from Brookstone, which contains a resurfacing fluid that effortlessly fixes those scratched surfaces. Just insert the disk; the battery-powered repair system will do the rest. 


The Drop Down TV Lift from Firgelli Automations allows customers to conceal their televisions in the ceiling using an adjustable drywall bracket that ensures a flush fit within the ceiling. The lift mechanism is easy to install and is operated via a remote control that works through the ceiling.

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