The house was situated to take advantage of passive solar energy, with windows that loom large.
This sustainable home embodies a contemporary aesthetic.
A view from above illustrates the soaring ceiling height.
The modern kitchen has octagonally shaped windows.

Luxury Homes- A Personal Touch

Monticello Homes puts an emphasis on customer care


Jeff Carpenter spent 20 years working with big, impersonal construction companies before deciding to shift gears and hang his own shingle. “I’d been building hundreds of homes a year,” he recalls. “I wanted to do less running around supervising personnel and have closer involvement with homeowners.”

He founded Monticello Homes in 1990 and it quickly took off. Twenty years later, the Fairfax Station, Virginia-based company builds from two to five houses a year and tackles remodeling projects—which works just fine for Carpenter. “I love it,” he says. “I have a small staff and we emphasize personal relationships and quality.” 

Most of Monticello Homes’ business is located in Northern Virginia. To keep the company small, Carpenter doesn’t invest in subdivisions; homeowners tend to approach him to build on a property they already own, or more often, to help them find a property to build on. Monticello Homes builds in all styles. “That’s the fun part,” Carpenter says. “There are a million styles between contemporary and traditional and we do them all.” 

Facts & Stats

Monticello Homes emphasizes energy management and conservation.


Founder of the Custom Builders Council and 

partner and founder of the CB/USA, a national builder buying group. 


Monticello Homes, Inc.,

7829 Manor House Drive

Fairfax Station, 

Virginia 22039


email: info@monticello

ARCHITECTURE: Robert Wilkoff, AIA, Archeon Architects, Cabin John, Maryland. INTERIOR DESIGN: Barbara Hawthorn, Barbara Hawthorn Interiors, McLean, Virginia. 

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