Bentley's new four-seat coupe.
Vertu's new Signature cell phone.

Indulgences- Toys

The good life in toys

Indulgences- Toys JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011

Bentley’s new 12-cylinder Continental GT four-seat coupe (above) boasts a sculptural exterior and a raised output of 567 horsepower. The handcrafted interior features a touch-screen “infotainment” system complete with state-of-the-art navigation and advanced speaker technology. $182,800.

Painstakingly assembled by a single craftsman, Vertu’s new Signature
cell phone (left) features a sapphire crystal surface, platinum or gold trim and 4.75 carats of solid ruby bearings. The ringtones were written by an Academy Award-winning composer and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Priced from $12,600 to $39,000.

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