The new Silver Spring Civic Building and adjoining Veterans Plaza.


A new gathering place

Applause MARCH/APRIL 2011

The airy, glass-fronted Silver Spring Civic Building and adjoining Veterans’ Plaza, which opened in July 2010, provides a hub for community activities and events. Designed by Paul Schlapobersky of Boston-based Machado and Silvetti Associates, the civic center and plaza are open on all sides to the downtown Silver Spring neighborhood, conveying energy and a sense of inclusiveness. On Memorial Day Weekend 2011, the plaza, which houses a pavilion and ice skating rink, will unveil a memorial commemorating the service of veterans in Montgomery County, featuring artwork by Frederick County sculptor Toby Mendez.

ARCHITECTURE: PAUL SCHLAPOBERSKY, AIA, Machado and Silvetti Associates, Boston, Massachusetts. COORDINATING ARCHITECTURE: NICHOLAS GERMANO, AIA, The Lukmire Partnership, Arlington, Virginia. CONSTRUCTION: Costello Construction, Columbia, Maryland. PHOTOGRAPHY: ANTON GRASSL/ESTO.

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