Spyker Cars' C8 Aileron.
C8 Aileron with doors open.
Unbanears' headphones.

Indulgences – Toys

Play things for grown ups

Indulgences – Toys July/August 2011

Spyker Cars has released an update of its C8 Aileron (above and top left). With an all-aluminum space frame, Audi 4.2-liter V8 engine and roomier interior, it recalls second-generation aircraft in homage to the Dutch company’s aviation roots. Each model is equipped with a Kharma sound system incorporating radio, Bluetooth, iPod interface and navigation. From $189,990. spykerworld.com

Urbanears’ colorful 2011 Spring/Summer collection of headphones includes a full spectrum of high-fidelity hues, from tomato and smoke to lavender and canary. The speakers from Stockholm come in a number of sizes and ergonomically correct styles, including the Plattan model (above) in navy; $60. urbanears.com

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