HMZ-T1, Sony's head-mounted 3D viewer.
Libratone Live speakers.
Toshiba's 55TL515U 55-inch HD TV.
The Beacon universal smart remote by Griffin.
Beo-Vision 7 from Bang & Olufsen.
Warpia, a device which streams online content to flat-screen TVs.
The award-winning Transformer club chair.

Home Tech: That’s Entertainment

Hot new products improve audio and video quality


Virtual Trip
Sony’s new, head-mounted HMZ-T1 is the first personal 3D viewer. Users experience a cinema-quality virtual screen and surround sound in both 2D and 3D modes. Equipped with ultra-small high-definition color OLED panels, the device delivers HD picture quality. Available in November 2011. $799;

Wireless Sound
Filling your home with music no longer requires hours of wiring bulky, unattractive speakers. Libratone Live speakers stream audio wirelessly from an iPod, iPad, iPhone, PC or TV. Using a free iTunes app called Airplay, the compact speaker can be moved around from room to room, optimizing sound according to its placement. It blends into any décor and the exterior covers are available in five colors of wool or cashmere. From $699;

Bring Home the 3D
Toshiba’s 55TL515U 55-inch HD TV delivers 1080p HD resolution in 2D and eye-popping 3D technology for movie-watching and gaming. Four pairs of 3D glasses are included. $1,800;

Smart Remote 
The Beacon universal remote by Griffin lets users control audio/visual components with the touch of an iPod, iPad or iPhone. Using Bluetooth technology, the device allows consumers to change channels, adjust volume and control a DVR with their Apple products. The Beacon runs on four AA batteries, eliminating the need for cables and wires. $80; available in Apple stores and at

High Fidelity TV
Bang & Olufsen has gone 3D with its popular BeoVision 7, a 55-inch TV with an integrated Blu-ray player—one of a few flatscreen TVs in the world to combine these technologies. A beam-shaped speaker below the screen provides superb acoustic performance, rivaling many hi-fi systems. Price upon request.

Streaming Video
Warpia allows users to stream online content from videos, slide shows and movies onto a flat-screen TV in 1080p resolution. The device also provides surround sound, creating a true cinema experience. The Warpia is compatible with Windows 7, Vista SP2 and XP SP3 technology. $160;

Recline in Style
The award-winning Transformer brings comfort and style to the home theater. The club chair has a single-motor mechanism that powers the reclining function; no clearance space is needed behind the chair even in its fully reclined position. It’s available as a chair, love seat or sofa in leather or fabric.

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