Jonathan Adler.
Ligne Roset's Confluences sofa by Philippe Nigro.
Remembrance modular floor tiles by FLOR.
Jonathan Adler's new Uncle Sam Hand.

Cachet: Grand Openings

Georgetown welcomes an exciting new crop of design venues

Cachet: Grand Openings


Adler dishes on the new showroom at 1267 Wisconsin Avenue, which will bring his mod furniture and whimsical accessories to town.  See

H&D: Why DC now?
I think Georgetown has a singular character I’ve always found incredibly chic and beautiful, so it made a lot of sense to me.

H&D: Has DC “arrived” as a design destination?
Definitely. DC always had a bad reputation, which I don’t understand. I think that whenever I go there, everybody looks pretty groovy.

H&D: How are you editing for the new shop? 
Wherever I open, I like to give my stores a sense of place. Georgetown, to me, is a place to play with the “waspy-chic” vibe that my work sometimes has. 

H&D: Is Washington too serious for you?
I always feel like design should have a classical foundation. The bigger pieces—the furnishings—I hope are beautiful, classical and chic. But there should also be elements of levity just to make your house memorable and happy. 

H&D: What are some new favorites?
I love the Nixon tables. Nixon was not such a great president, but he had really groovy décor. —Sharon Jaffe Dan   

Ligne Roset offers modern European furniture that blends contemporary styles with comfort. The new 4,000-square-foot showroom in Upper Georgetown will feature items from the company’s extensive collection of products designed for all aspects of the home, from living and lighting to sleeping and décor. 2201 Wisconsin Avenue, NW; 202-248-3112;

FLOR’s new showroom in Georgetown’s Cady’s Alley presents the company’s modular system that lets consumers assemble custom rugs, runners and wall-to-wall carpets. The 1,500-square-foot shop will give homeowners a chance to experience the color, texture and scale of FLOR’s carpet squares, which are made with renewable and recycled materials. 1037 33rd Street; 202-944-5057;  Hannah Porter

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