The Vero Collection of occasional seating includes benches with sleek glass frames and white upholstered cushions.

Design Debut

Jacobsen Architecture teams with Archer to reproduce its iconic furniture creations

For many years, architects Hugh Newell Jacobsen and his son Simon Jacobsen of DC’s award-winning Jacobsen Architecture have been creating dynamic, innovative structures, complemented by their own custom furnishings. Now, they’re bringing their signature designs to the public with help from Archer, a modern furniture showroom in Cady’s Alley. “Archer has a historical, thoughtful approach to how people live with beautiful objects,” Simon Jacobsen explains. 

The Jacobsen Collection will be locally handcrafted and sold exclusively through Archer. It will encompass 50 pieces originally designed for such clients as Jackie Onassis, Meryl Streep and Jordan’s King Hussein and Queen Noor. “Every one of our buildings has our customized furniture,” Jacobsen says. “This collection represents the best and the brightest.” 1027 33rd Street, NW; 202-640-2823;