ILEX constructed this modern home on the Chesapeake in Virginia’s Northern Neck.

Ask the Pros: Construction

Advice on designing the perfect home by the bay

Ask the Pros: Construction When building near the bay, what factors should homeowners consider to prevent delays or setbacks due to permitting rules?

Waterfront projects are among the most challenging but rewarding that ILEX has done over the years. Many states’ critical area laws have become stricter recently. When working within the critical area buffer, ILEX recommends that clients work with a civil engineer to meet with officials and review their project before investments in construction drawings are made. These preliminary meetings of the Technical Advisory Council (TAC) include the planning/zoning staff, health department and others who will ultimately be reviewing building permit documents. If everyone discusses the existing site as well as what is being proposed, issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently and the team can move forward to make the client’s dream a reality.

—Dirck K. Bartlett, ILEX Construction Inc., Easton, Maryland, and other locations

Architecture: Dale Overmyer, AIA, Dale Overmyer Architects, Washington, DC. Photo © Maxwell MacKenzie, courtesy Dale Overmyer, AIA/Architect