The Venus Seafood Platter.
The Oceana Oyster Knife.

Treasure Trove

Nambé launches a collection to celebrate creatures of the deep

It’s hardly a surprise that Nambé—known for its sculptural tableware and accessories—would someday introduce pieces that evoke the beauty of undulating sea life. The company has done just that with the Oceana Collection, designed by Wei Young.

Young’s bold, modern forms are organic and pure. They include the Coral Salad Bowl crafted from acacia wood and the Clam Chip & Dip duo—a perfectly shaped wooden half shell with a metal dip bowl resting within. The stainless-steel Venus Seafood Platter (above; $150) is the perfect vessel to cosset shucked oysters; handily, the collection also includes the Oceana Oyster Knife (above; $20). A playful Lobster Cracker shaped like a free-form fish and long, finely contoured Seafood Forks marry form and function.

Items in the collection are priced from $20 to $200 and will be available in stores on August 1. For online orders or retail locations, visit