The Retreat at Canal Corcoran in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, by P Four, OPaL and GPS Designs.
Oakton Custom Residence in Oakton, Virginia, by Fried Companies and W.C. Ralston Architects.
Innsbruck Avenue in Great Falls by Great Falls Construction and Sutton Yantis Associates Architects.
Amberley Model in Great Falls, Virginia, by Architectural Construction and James McDonald Associate Architects.
Jossan Residence in Arlington, Virginia, by Evergreene Homes and W.C. Ralston.
Bethesda Renovation at Bradley Hills in Bethesda, Maryland, by BOWA.
Churchill Model in McLean, Virginia, by Relux Homes and James McDonald Associate Architects.
Stonewall Avenue in Middleburg, Virginia, by PR Construction and Sutton Yantis Associates Architects.
Grenata Lot 11 in Leesburg, Virginia, by Creighton Enterprises.
Klaff Renovation in Potomac Falls, Virginia, by Great Falls Construction.

GALA 2014 Awards—Custom

The Great American Living Awards recognize the best in home design and community planning in Maryland, DC and Virginia

GALA 2014 Awards—Custom Presented by the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association and the Maryland Building Industry Association, the 2014 GALA (Great American Living) Awards—celebrating achievements in categories ranging from architecture and interior design to sales and marketing—saw some significant changes in the custom building and renovation categories this year. Rather than visiting each entry, the judges—four residential architects and a residential marketing professional—evaluated portfolio submissions instead. This shift encouraged a larger pool of entries in the custom categories.

The 2014 GALA Awards ceremony was held at the McLean Hilton in Tysons Corner on October 9. Winners of the custom categories are spotlighted on the following pages, while the remaining award-winners will be featured in the January/February 2015 issue of Home & Design.

3,000 to 5,000 Square Feet:
The Retreat at Canal Corcoran, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, P Four, OPaL, GPS Designs. Photography: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

5,001 to 7,000 Square Feet:
Jossan Residence, Arlington, Virginia, Evergreene Homes, W.C. Ralston Architects. Photography: Thomas H. Field

Over 7,000 Square Feet:
Oakton Custom Residence, Oakton, Virginia, Fried Companies, W.C. Ralston Architects. Photography: Maxine Schnitzer

Under 3,000 Square Feet:
503 Stonewall Avenue, Middleburg, Virginia, PR Construction, Sutton Yantis Associates Architects. Photography: Bill Sutton

3,000 to 5,000 Square Feet:
Churchill Model, McLean, Virginia, Relux Homes, James McDonald Associate Architects. Photography: BTW Images, LLC

5,001 to 7,000 Square Feet:
Amberley Model, Great Falls, Virginia, Architectural Construction, James McDonald Associate Architects. Photography: Greg Hadley

Over 7,000 Square Feet:
Grenata Lot 11, Leesburg, Virginia, Creighton Enterprises. Photography: James Torrenzano

Under $500,000:
Klaff Renovation, Potomac Falls, Virginia, Great Falls Construction. Photography: Bob Narod

$500,000 to $1,000,000:
Bethesda Renovation at Bradley Hills, Bethesda, Maryland, BOWA. Photography: Bob Narod

Over $1,000,000:
Innsbruck Avenue, Great Falls, Virginia, Great Falls Construction, Sutton Yantis Associates Architects. Photography: Bob Narod