Fine Furnishings + Art: Drawing Board

Faux Flair

Fine Furnishings + Art: Drawing Board Camille Saum created an element of surprise in her 2011 DC Design House dining room by painting the floors; artist Ali Nassiri expertly executed her design. “It’s another way of adding color to space,” says Saum. “And if it’s done correctly, it lasts for a long time.”


Then Now
The dull, dismal hardwood floor needed an update. The painted, yellow-and-white checked pattern enlivens the room.
The dark, reddish stain on the floor clashed with the designer’s playful green-and-yellow color scheme. The bright new floor complements the palette Saum selected—particularly the bright yellow patent-leather seat cushions.
The large, worn and faded carpet collected dust and dirt. Keeping a dining room floor uncovered allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.
The room’s original floor lacked character and style. Saum’s painted floor adds a playful, whimsical note that illustrates the designer’s message: that while a dining room may be formal, it need not be taken too seriously.


INTERIOR DESIGN: Camille Saum, ASID, Camille Saum Interior Design, Bethesda, Maryland. DECORATIVE PAINTING: Ali Nassiri, Atelier Artists, Rockville, Maryland. PHOTOGRAPHY: Lydia Cutter.