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This garden is comprised of four themed sections: limestone steppers and perennials; front lawn and street garden; fireplace, outdoor kitchen and dining; and perennial walk and lawn.

Scott Brinitzer Design Associates Grand Award for Total Residential Contracting (Design Build)

The Hoffman garden began as a blank slate surrounding a newly renovated home. The hillside along the left front lawn is now a limestone walk interspersed with a creeping mazus ground cover; it bisects a bed that blooms throughout the growing season. The open front lawn is now smaller, with crape myrtle and Endless Summer hydrangea flanking the street. A planting bed along the street gives the new front lawn a sense of privacy, encouraging its use as an outdoor room—perfect for a game of badminton. The back garden now boasts a large flagstone terrace centered on a stone fireplace bordered by two stone walls. An iron wisteria trellis wraps around the flagstone terrace, knitting the outdoor kitchen, dining area, stone seat wall and fireplace into one garden space.

Outstanding Features

  • Outdoor stone fireplace with two stone privacy walls.
  • An iron wisteria trellis overhanging seat wall and dining area.
  • Limestone stepper staircase with creeping mazus ground cover.
  • Colorful, diverse plantings, including perennials, annuals and native plants.

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Photos © Roger Foley