Link to HOME&DESIGN If you would like to link your website to HOME&DESIGN, you can use one of the following methods by cutting and pasting the appropriate code snippet into your webpage code.

Email HOME&DESIGN the URL from the linked page on your website and we’ll link back to you. It’s a win-win.

Example 1: Link to the HOME&DESIGN homepage

Copy and paste the following code snippet into your webpage code.  Note the “alt” tag of this is an important part of Google.  Please use descriptive keywords but just one keyword phrase.  You want the alt tag to match the content you are linking to, Google wants their users to find what they are looking for so that’s the goal.

<a href=”” alt=”Interior Design Ideas”>HOME & DESIGN – The Magazine of Architecture and Fine Interiors</a>

Looks Like:

HOME & DESIGN – The Magazine of Architecture and Fine Interiors

Example 2: Link to a specific page or article on HOME&DESIGN

To take full advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the text used to link to our website is important. Ideally, you would use a keyword phrase that is relevant to the HOME&DESIGN article (same applies to the “alt” tag as described above). For example, if there was an article on HOME&DESIGN about your Interior Design Company, you would use something like, “Company Name – Interior Design”

Locate the article on HOME&DESIGN and copy the URL. Then paste/replace the HOME&DESIGN homepage URL and type/replace the keyword phase in the following code snippet. Finally, copy and paste the code snippet into your webpage code.

<a href=”” alt=”Interior Design Ideas”>Company Name – Interior Design</a>

Looks Like:

Company Name – Interior Design

Example 3: Link to HOME&DESIGN with logo

Copy and paste the following code snippet into your webpage code.

Note: There is no need to copy the image to your web-server, just the code as the image will be hosted by HOME&DESIGN. Yes, you can link to a specific article by replacing the HOME&DESIGN homepage URL with the desired URL. Also, update the “alt” tag as described above.

<a href=”” alt=”Interior Design Ideas”><img src=”” alt=”home-logo-login” alt=”Interior Design Ideas” /></a>

Looks Like:

Interior Design Ideas