Ask the Pros: Interior Design

Advice on designing the perfect home by the bay

Ask the Pros: Interior Design How do you ensure that interiors complement, rather than compete, with water views?

I don’t believe in sacrificing personal style and interior design because you live on the water. However, when designing for a waterfront home, I do feel it’s important to be smart about the proportion and placement of the furniture in the rooms that face the water. The view should always be an automatic center point. The eyes should be drawn right to it when one enters the room.

Once that criteria is established, I am a firm believer in creating interiors that reflect the homeowner’s personality regardless of the location of the home. Styles and colors in a waterfront room will not change the view itself—they will only change the feel of the room’s interiors. —Katalin Farnady, Farnady Interiors, Annapolis, Maryland.

The owners of a waterfront home wished to celebrate their remarkable view: Annapolis’s picturesque harbor and the U.S. Naval Academy beyond. Katalin Farnady created a minimalist bedroom in which they can wake up every morning to this special vista.