Audio/Video + Lighting: Drawing Board

Modern Makeover

Audio/Video + Lighting: Drawing Board A newly single homeowner tapped KUBE Architecture to update the Northwest DC row house he had just purchased into an open, modern bachelor pad. Richard Loosle-Ortega utilized a bold lighting plan to create a sophisticated space centered on the sleek, streamlined kitchen.

Then Now
Pendants above the island and a couple of recessed lights provided inadequate lighting in the dated kitchen area. A dropped ceiling with horizontal fluorescent lights delineates the kitchen. Recessed halogens illuminate the rest of the room.
There was no under-cabinet or task lighting. LED lights are installed under cabinets, while soffits have been deconstructed into planes that hide more LED lighting.
The design and style of the mundane, traditional home were not visually compelling. The lights on the cabinet side of the room are all horizontal. On the opposite wall, they are all vertical for interest.
The lights were all uniform white, not dimmable and only operable by wall switches. The dimmable lighting system is operable via iPhone. The colors of the lights can be changed.


Renovation Architecture: Richard Loosle-Ortega, RA, KUBE Architecture, Washington, DC. Contractor: Lenny Ilkovich, Washington, DC. Photography: Greg Powers.