Floors + Windows + Doors Drawing Board

Curb Appeal

Floors + Windows + Doors Drawing Board The owners of a rambler in McLean hired Anthony Wilder Design Build to renovate portions of its interiors while also adding curb appeal to the mundane front façade of the house.

Then Now
The front was flat and featureless and the single roofline was boring. A den extends from the front. The roofline is varied by a square window in an A-frame structure. A gable on the other side of the entry adds interest.
The front door was nondescript, offering only a narrow overhang that provided no shelter from the weather. There is space for a covered entryway and a bench. A decorative arch is a focal point.
The door was unappealing, with an ugly screen door in front of it. The screen door is gone and the front door is painted dark, with new hardware.
A retaining wall and large, unwieldy shrubs hid the house. New landscaping features a winding walkway that draws the eye to the front door.


Renovation Architecture: Anthony Wilder, Marian Vaias, AIA, Anthony Wilder Design Build, Cabin John, Maryland. Photography: Morgan Howarth.