Kitchen + Bath: Drawing Board

Sophisticated Style

Kitchen + Bath: Drawing Board An Ashburn, Virginia, couple was looking to modernize their large but dark and poorly laid-out master bath. They hired Paula Grace Halewski, who was already redesigning their house, to imbue the space with better flow and a lighter, more sophisticated sensibility.

Then Now
In the middle of the floor, a massive tub with a wide surround got in the owners’ way. A Victoria & Albert soaking tub is tucked off to one side, leaving the room’s center unobstructed but for an ottoman from the Kristin Drohan Collection.
The gold palette was reflected in beige walls and ceramic tile. The shower was a boring niche in the wall. Emperador Light marble tiles create vibrancy and interest. An eye-catching decorative medallion adorns the shower.
Recessed lights were non-descript in a coffered ceiling that went unnoticed. Crown moldings dress up the coffered ceiling and a John-Richard chandelier offers a dramatic focal point.
Brown-stained vanities made the room feel dark. Antique-white vanities with Stone Forest vessels lighten the space.


Interior Design: Paula Grace Halewski; Paula Grace Designs, Inc., Ashburn, Virginia. Builder: CarrMichael Construction, Fairfax, Virginia. Photography: Bob Narod.