A beach-community home features Celect seven-inch traditional siding in Latte with complementary white trim.
Celect’s moisture-resistant features are perfect for a beachfront or poolside home.
Celect Cellular Exteriors by Royal features a patented, interlocking joint system that creates a seamless design.

Royal Building Products Our Story

Royal Building Products provides low maintenance and the aesthetics homeowners desire, using innovative tools and cutting-edge technology.

Royal Building Products Our Story For more than 40 years, Royal Building Products’ commitment to quality, innovation and customer relationships has attracted the loyalty of a growing number of building professionals, homeowners, architects, engineers and distributors. The company continually strives to provide superior solutions that will meet the needs of today’s homeowners. Celect® Cellular Exteriors by Royal® is an example of an intelligent design solution to several major problems that have plagued homeowners for decades: aesthetics, durability and long-term maintenance. It’s a cladding solution made from cellular PVC, an innovative cellular technology that has the working characteristics of wood. Celect Siding and Trim prevent air and moisture penetration and will not rot, crack or peel. Instead of butting together like typical siding, they snap together with a patented, interlocking joint system for a seamless design. And the unique gravity-lock design keeps courses locked tightly to each other—maintaining structural integrity even under the harshest weather conditions.


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