Connoley designed a 15,000-square-foot entertaining area to transition seamlessly from the inside out, connecting the residence with its waterfront environment. Working with contractor Solidago Landscapes, LLC, she raised the grade, adding wide steps and travertine pavers, natural drift plantings and a bay-friendly pool color. © Jennifer Connoley

Ask the Pros Landscape

Advice on designing a landscape by the bay

Ask the Pros Landscape What popular features give residential pools a luxurious, resort-like feel?   

Today’s residential pools offer endless possibilities in terms of design, function, and materials. When a site’s elevation has enough fall to accommodate a vanishing-edge pool, swimmers can enjoy the magical illusion of being connected to a vista beyond. The backside of a pool’s vanishing edge might be a roaring waterfall or a slow, gentle cascade driven by remote control. In combination with well-designed patios, walkways, architectural structures and a plant palette rich in the floral display, natural habitat, and year-round interest, a residential pool and landscape can be as luxurious as a world-class resort.

—Jennifer Connoley, Jennifer Connoley Landscape Design, Easton, Maryland