Our Story

2017 Sourcebook

Our Story These four companies contributed company profiles, complete with project photos and descriptions. We hope their stories will provide a reliable resource for your next home project.

Kane Landscapes, Inc. 
Kane Landscapes focuses on high-end design/build projects that improve their clients’ lives and the value of their properties—and makes their guests say “Wow!”

Bel Pre Glassworks, Inc.
Bel Pre Glassworks sets the trend in the designer glass, offering consumers quality glass workmanship at competitive prices.

Renaissance Conservatories
Renaissance Conservatories designs manufacture and installs conservatories, specialty-glass roofs, skylights and one-of-a-kind hardwood interior garden windows.

Victoria at home
Functional and beautiful describes Victoria Sanchez’s “modern traditional” design. Our firm offers preconstruction through art and accessories—and everything in between.