Drawing Board Remodeling

Modern Vibe

Drawing Board Remodeling Clients with a modern sensibility hired Natascha Folens to transform the traditionally styled family room of their Reston home into a clean-lined, serene space with a contemporary edge. Folens created a fireplace wall as a focal point, conveying the sleek vibe the couple desired.

Then Now
A dated, traditional fireplace looked small and out of scale on the long wall of the two-story room. The three-foot opening didn’t change, but Folens replaced the fireplace with a gas one from Spark Modern Fires. A band of hot-rolled metal extends to the end of the wall to reflect the scale of the space.
The wall was cluttered with shelves and a TV cabinet was tucked haphazardly in a corner by the window. A TV now recessed in the fireplace wall provides visual balance with the fireplace. The niche by the window showcases art.
A small, tiled ledge below the fireplace was not particularly useful. A foot-wide drywall ledge spans the wall, creating an uninterrupted line that unifies the room.


Interior Design: Natascha Folens, NF Interiors, Great Falls, Virginia. Contractor: Raul Martinez, RGE Group, LLC, Centreville, Virginia. Photography: Caitlyn Cartlidge.