Amanda Friend used an oversized seahorse sculpture to draw the eye to the Tred Avon River beyond.

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Advice on decorating a home by the bay

Ask the Pros Interior Design

What are your preferred methods for integrating a waterfront setting into a home’s interiors?

The rivers, bays, and creeks of the Eastern Shore form the backdrop for our daily lives, providing endless inspiration to our design team. We make every effort to integrate nature’s colors, shapes and shifting light into what we call our “Tidewater Traditions” designs.

One of our cardinal rules is to work with the view. We frame it by arranging seating areas so that they face the water. To enhance it, we maintain a light touch with window treatments, preferring billowing, light-colored fabrics to dark, heavy ones. Our coastal environment inspires a palette of blues from the water and sky and greens from the landscape. These colors offer a quiet continuity that visually expands interior spaces and integrates them with nature.

Art matters in our designs. We’re great fans of Nancy Hammond’s vibrant coastal scenes and Marcy Dunn Ramsey’s quiet, marshy vignettes. Well-placed sculptures can also be a focal point that draws the eye to the view.
Jamie Merida, Bountiful Interiors, Easton, Maryland