Vista Pro Landscape & Design created a beach-entry, saltwater pool in Severna Park that resembles a natural lagoon.

Ask the Pros: Landscape Design

Creating a landscape by the bay

Discuss the appeal of a beach-entry pool and the pros and cons of a saltwater pool. 

Beach-entry pools serve many functions. For young families, having a shallow area for kids is nice. Beach-entry also allows bathers who want to lounge in shallow water to either sit right in the pool or bring in a chair and dangle their feet. In addition, features such as bubblers and jets can add interest to a beach-entry pool.

One of the greatest pros of a saltwater pool is what it does for your body. Swimmers with dry skin find a lot of relief in saltwater pools, which eliminate the hard effects of harsh chemicals in the water. However, salt water does cause certain types of metals and other materials to corrode faster. Typically, anything that is not stainless steel will have to be replaced sooner in a saltwater pool than a conventional one. The upfront costs can also be a deterrent. —James Londot, Vista Pro Landscape & Design, Davidsonville, Maryland