Stromer’s ST1 X electric bike.
Samsung’s new QLED TV.
The Brooklyn AC LED Task Lamp.
The Brooklyn AC LED Task Lamp.

Tech Toys

Tech Toys Motor Sport
Perfect for city life, Stromer’s ST1 X electric bike uses technology to create a smooth and carefree cycling experience. Innovations include touchscreen control, a motor powering speeds up to 28 mph and an app that manages anti-theft protection, GPS-localization, and fitness information. Under power, the German-made bike can travel up to 93 miles between charges. Its sleek frame comes in orange, charcoal, and white. $4,999.

Color Your World
Samsung’s new line of QLED TVs introduces the company’s latest technology, which creates 100-percent color volume. This means the screens can express all colors at any level of brightness. Other improvements include a single transparent cable that integrates input from other devices. Available in four models, the TV can be flush-mounted or displayed on a stand. From $2,500.

Touch + Go
Chic and functional, the Brooklyn AC LED Task Lamp brings style and efficiency to a workspace or bedside table. The lamp cradles and charges cell phones; it also boasts two USB ports for charging other devices. Available in brushed-aluminum or black-slate with three touch-activated brightness settings. $250.