Drawing Board Closets + Organized Spaces

Closet Envy

Drawing Board Closets + Organized Spaces The owners of a Georgetown condo wanted to brighten and modernize its dark spaces while adding functionality and efficient storage throughout. They hired Boffi Georgetown to overhaul the kitchen and bathrooms and to replace inadequate closets—including the one in the front hall.

Then Now
The hall closet was set into a drywall frame with doors that folded back. The design was inconvenient for accessing the closet’s contents. The finished project features a streamlined closet system built without a drywall frame. The doors open easily, while interior shelving caters to the owners’ specific needs.
Traditional design elements like moldings and expanses of drywall looked stodgy. The new closet system replaces moldings with reveals at the top and bottom of the closet, wrapping around the side at the top to create a decorative feature.
Dark-stained wood floors and red-painted closet doors made the front hall feel dark and dated. White-painted cabinetry and off-white, cement-look porcelain-tile floors keep the convo light and bright with a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.


Closet Design & Fabrication: Julia Walter, Boffi Georgetown, Washington, DC. Photography: Angie Seckinger.