Drawing Board Floors + Windows + Doors

Mid-Century Inspiration

Drawing Board Floors + Windows + Doors The owners of a mundane 1960s split-level in Silver Spring hired architect Bruce Wentworth to refresh its uninspired front façade and introduce a modern look. A commanding front entry, new windows and an attractive two-car garage realized the changes his clients were looking for.

Then Now
A front entry with a small overhang and nondescript front door was easy to overlook. A projecting front porch is delineated by stucco cladding and framed by the wood, brick and stone of the rest of the house. A bold red entry door and sidelite capture attention.
A ramshackle-looking carport was an unappealing appendage on the side of the house. A two-car garage with cedar doors is a vast improvement. Wentworth balanced the garage visually by also cladding the other end of the home in cedar.
A small, dated picture window to the left of the front entry was flanked by double-hung windows. Four large windows replaced the smaller original windows beside the door, conveying a modern vibe. All the window frames are now painted black.


Renovation Architecture & Construction: Bruce Wentworth, AIA, Wentworth Studio, Chevy Chase, Maryland. Photography: Morgan Howarth.