Paintings by local artist Nancy Hammond inspired the design of a family room in Annapolis, where Wesley Thompson imparted a coastal vibe with neutrals and bright, island accents. Photo by Maureen Porto.

Ask the Pros: Interior Design

Advice on designing the perfect home by the bay

How does designing the interiors of a waterfront home differ from the way you design spaces in other locales?
In my view, there is no real difference in designing a waterfront home versus other locales. I might incorporate more coastal accents, colors of the sea and lighter fabrics, but the same areas of importance always apply. I start by learning how the client will live in the space. Then I design the layout in AutoCAD, taking into account all focal points—including water views. I try to marry function and comfort in every design, regardless of location. Lastly, selections of fabrics, finishes, lighting, and artwork are made with an understanding of the client’s likes and dislikes.

Coastal style is popular because of its fresh, calming palette, but achieving that style is possible in any locale. The process is the same in all designs, regardless of a water view. —Wesley Thompson, Simply Wesley, Annapolis, Maryland