Lalla Essaydi's *Bullets Revisited* at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.
Legacy, a textile assemblage by Annet Couwenberg at the Baltimore Museum of Art, explores the intersection of art and science.
Legacy, a textile assemblage by Annet Couwenberg at the Baltimore Museum of Art, explores the intersection of art and science.


Exhibits and design events in Maryland, DC and Virginia.

Training the Eye: 19th-Century Drawing

The artistic training and technique of 19th-century artists is the subject of this exhibit at
The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. Seventeen portraits, still-life studies, and drawings are on view, and experts from Baltimore’s Schuler School of Fine Arts provide commentary.


Through August 13

Black, White & Abstract: Callahan, Siskind, White

The Baltimore Museum of Art presents the black-and-white, abstract works of influential 20th-century American photographers Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind and Minor White, who explored conceptual themes through photographic series.

Through October 1

Nicolas Party: sunrise, sunset

The Hirshhorn Museum’s distinctive circular façade is the perfect showcase for a monumental outdoor mural by New York-based Swiss artist Nicolas Party. Painted directly on the museum’s exterior wall over a period of two weeks, it depicts a panoramic landscape of sunrises and sunsets.

June 7  to October 1

Frederic Kellogg: Works in Oil and Watercolor

The landscapes of Maine and Washington, DC, are the focus of an exhibit of works by Frederic Kellogg, on view at American University’s Katzen Arts Center. Sketches, watercolors, and oil paintings are showcased.

June 17 to August 13

States of Mind: Photographs of Cuba and North Korea by Carl De Keyzer

Scenes from North Korea and Cuba are revealed in 60 works by Belgian photographer Carl De Keyzer at the Katzen Arts Center. The images capture both struggle and everyday life in the two Communist nations.

June 17 to August 13


This National Museum of Women in the Arts exhibit examines the profound effect art can have on its beholder. Pieces on view by such contemporary sculptors and photo-based artists as Louise Bourgeois, Petah Coyne, and Lalla Essaydi elicit strong responses that open the door to contemplation.

Through September 10

Ai Weiwei: Trace at Hirshhorn

“Trace,” a monumental installation at the Hirshhorn Museum by the provocative Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, is comprised of 176 portraits of activists, prisoners, and free-speech advocates—all made of LEGOs. A 360-degree wallpaper installation is also part of the mix.

June 28 to January 1, 2018

Parallax Gap

The Renwick Gallery’s Bettie Rubenstein Grand Salon will provide the backdrop for a visual puzzle in the form of a suspended structure running along its ceiling that examines trompe l’oeil effects and multiple vanishing points to create a sense of architectural volume.

July 1 to February 11

Plein Air Easton Art

Now in its 13th year, Plein Air Easton is a juried competition that challenges artists from all over the country to paint outdoors in and around Easton, Maryland. Demonstrations, workshops, exhibits, and lectures are part of the action.

July 17 to 23


Art exhibits, fashion shows, live performances and international cuisine are just a few of the diverse attractions on offer during Artscape, held at various locations in Baltimore each year. This free event shares the work of more than 150 fine artists, fashion designers, and craftspeople.

July 21 to 23

Matthias Mansen:

In this exhibition at the National Gallery of Art, Berlin-based artist Matthias Mansen offers a modern, abstract take on the centuries-old tradition of woodblock printing.

July 23 to December 13

2017 Beach and Bay
Cottage Tour

The 26th-annual Beach and Bay Cottage Tour showcases three waterfront properties in Bethany Beach, Delaware, which will open their doors to the public. Tickets are $30 each, and proceeds will go to the Friends of the South Coastal Library, which sponsors the event.

July 26 & 27

Annet Couwenberg: From Digital to Damask

Eleven works by Dutch artist Annet Couwenberg focus on the intersection of science, art, technology, and history in a series of textiles based on traditional Dutch damasks.
On view at the Baltimore
Museum of Art. 

August 16 to February 18, 2018

Hear My Voice: Native American Art from the Past and Present

The dialogue between Native Americans and their art across centuries is the focus of an exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts spotlighting 56 works from 35 indigenous cultures.

August 19 to November 26

Baltimore Art, Antique & Jewelry Show

The Baltimore Convention Center will host the country’s largest annual indoor antique show, now in its 36th year. European silver, Asian antiques, and Americana are among the offerings, which include furniture, art, aged porcelain, and jewelry.

August 24 to 27