Editor in chief Sharon Jaffe Dan, Laura Hodges, Caryn Cramer, Romain Baty,  Jeanne Griffin, Stuart Nordin.
Lauren Sachs, Warren Ralston.
Mark Sanders.
A.B.E. Networks’ Avi Benaim, Marlene Weiss Alexander.
Rachel Townsend, Jeff Cianni, Ashley Tizard.
Dan Wolff, Laura Fox.
Heather Blelloch, Erika Bonnell, Jane Gianarelli.
Amy Matthews, Barbara Billet, Kellie Hodges.

H&D’s Summer 2018 Issue Party

On June 13, Home & Design hosted a launch party for its July/August issue at A.B.E. Networks in Rockville. Guests mingled indoors and out and explored the showroom’s array of high-end audio-video installations.