Oak Spring, Bunny Mellons’ beloved Upperville, Virginia, estate. © Roger Foley
Oak Spring's allée in its autumn glory. © Roger Foley
A photo from Patrick Sutton's
Patrick Sutton illuminates readers on designing with art. © Roger Davies

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New books celebrate singular design talents in the region

A distinguished presence in rarified Washington circles, the late socialite and philanthropist Bunny Mellon was also accomplished in garden design—having masterminded the White House Rose Garden during the Kennedy era and the formal gardens of Givenchy’s château in France. The Gardens of Bunny Mellon, by Linda Jane Holden, pays tribute to Mellon by capturing four seasons at Oak Spring, the Mellons’ beloved Upperville, Virginia, estate, in images by acclaimed local photographer Roger Foley. The Vendome Press, October 2018. $60.

Baltimore designer Patrick Sutton sees his vocation as storytelling. “I seek out the spirit that inhabits a place,” he notes, “and weave in the hopes and dreams of my clients to craft a tale that is uniquely theirs.” Storied Interiors: The Designs of Patrick Sutton and the Stories that Shaped Them showcases 10 residences and four hotels and restaurants, captured in 300 photographs by Roger Davies. Sutton shares thoughts on creating interiors by finding your own story. Images Publishing, October 2018. $55.