Urban Refuge

Innovative Landscape solutions

Goffin Gardens conjures a soothing retreat for a historic residence in the city

Goffin Gardens designs harmonious and inviting outdoor spaces. Principal Katia Goffin and her team bring a European background, cross-cultural perspective and more than 25 years of innovative design experience to their work, resulting in projects with a thoughtful, contemporary twist.

What did the project involve?
The fusion of a 21st-century garden with a 19th-century urban home. Working from design conception through installation, we facilitated the merging of two lots. Our goal was to blend beauty, order and simplicity in a soothing retreat.

What challenges did you face?
To transform a long, narrow site into a year-round refuge. The design objective was to link two garden rooms with a curated plant palette that frame views providing a serene enclosure with a well-tuned fountain adding to the space acoustically.

Describe the plantings and materials you used.
Hornbeam, magnolia, a beech hedge and a grove of ginkgoes provide vertical interest over roses, hydrangea and hosta. A marble angle on the brick will spills into a concrete basin flush with a patio of large format bluestone pavers. Mexican beach pebbles crisply edge the beds.

Principal, Katia Goffin has been in business for five years and employs a staff of three. The firm executes 20 projects a year ranging in cost from $60,000 to $350,000.

Goffin Gardens
7217 Evans Mill Road, McLean, Virginia
22101 703-821-1821 • goffingardens.com