Cream-colored brick is a perfect complement to luminous ipe elements on the front façade.
The side of the house echoes architectural elements from the front.
Above the new ipe front door, a transom reaches the roofline, channeling natural light within.

Before+After: Build

A design team bestows contemporary curb appeal on a 1970s rambler in Falls Church, Virginia

Then Now
Dated architectural features included a portico with antebellum-style columns and windows placed halfway below ground level that gave the impression the house was sinking. The columns were removed. Ipe frames around the upper and lower windows are cleverly connected by ipe panels, creating a sense of verticality that lifts the eye up.
The front door was lost beneath the portico, which also blocked natural light to the front rooms. Non-functional shutters obscured the windows. A modern, asymmetrical canopy makes the new ipe pivot door a focal point. The shutters and overhang are gone; cutouts in the canopy’s ipe support bring in additional light.
The unattractive garage side of the house was unfortunately easily visible to visitors. A stunning, translucent-glass garage door is framed by a canopy that echoes the one above the front door.

Renovation Architecture & Contracting: Anthony Wilder and Maria J. Fanjul, architectural designers, Anthony Wilder Architecture | Interiors | Construction, Cabin John, Maryland. Photography: John Cole.