Going Native

Landscape designer Josh Kane of Kane Landscapes, Inc., lists blooms that thrive in the Mid-Atlantic

Eastern Redbud

The Eastern redbud’s explosion of flowers lets you know spring has arrived, and its heart-shaped leaves turn yellow, gold and orange in fall.

Virginia Sweetspire

Fragrant, spire-shaped flowers give Virginia sweetspire its name. This compact, deer-resistant shrub becomes bright red in fall.

Flowering Dogwood

This tree is marked by a profusion of white or pink petals that look like large blooms in spring. The dogwood produces bright red fruit that is a favorite of local birds.

American Wisteria

Showy American wisteria is perfect for pergolas and trellises, displaying drooping clusters of flowers during May and June. It grows to 30 feet and tolerates full sun to shade.


The low-growing threadleaf coreopsis is a cheerful flower that blooms bright yellow from May to August. It loves well-drained soil in full sun.