A dining set, on display in Thos. Moser's DC showroom.

Perfect Fit

Thos. Moser’s Kevin Sweitzer offers tips for furnishing your space

  • Ceiling height helps determine the scale of your furniture. If you have high ceilings, incorporate items with a larger presence—but remember that scaling up can encroach on traffic patterns.
  • Outline furniture dimensions on your floor with painter’s tape to visualize the space a sofa and coffee table will take up. Take chairs into account when measuring your dining table.
  • Area rugs and open bookcases will define spaces within an open concept. Placing the front legs of a seating arrangement on the rug will further define the arrangement. Select furniture that looks good from every angle. Remember, furniture will appear smaller in a 2,000-square-foot showroom than it will in your living room.
  • Buy quality pieces that will weather trends. Purchase one or two special pieces to anchor your space; you will cherish these items as your life and tastes evolve.
  • Solid hardwood is a sign of quality. Plastics, veneers and particle board are not designed with longevity in mind.