Minimalist Plan

Jonas Carnemark turns a traditional kitchen into a streamlined, party-ready haven

For McLean homeowners who love to cook and entertain, coping with a 1980s-era kitchen was cramping their style. When they’d finally had enough of outdated appliances, run-of-the-mill cabinets and an inefficient layout, they called on designer Jonas Carnemark for an overhaul.

“The main goal was to design a chef’s kitchen,” explains Carnemark, whose plan bumped out the original kitchen by 12 feet, creating a voluminous addition with 11-foot-high ceilings.

Instead of one massive island, they decided on two parallel ones to keep circulation open. One island contains a sink for food prep while the other anchors the cooktop and a wooden table with room for seating on both sides “so people can sit across from each other and have a conversation,” says the designer.

Storage cabinets, a pull-out pantry, a refrigerator and freezer drawers, a dishwasher and dual ovens are organized along one main wall. On one end, a wine refrigerator is set in a dedicated bar area; on the other end, false cabinet doors open to reveal a nine-foot-long walk-in pantry.

A paradigm of minimalist restraint, the project combines SieMatic cabinetry in a sterling-silver finish, gray Caesarstone countertops, a backsplash of white, back-painted glass and easy-on-the-feet CoreTec flooring made of cork-backed vinyl but resembling weathered wood. Two cozy seating areas—one with a new fireplace—invite guests to settle in and socialize.

Kitchen & Interior Design: Jonas Carnemark, CKD, CLIPP, KONST, Bethesda, Maryland. Contractor: CARNEMARK design + build, Bethesda, Maryland. 

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