Fine Earth Landscape

Grand Award, Total Residential Landscaping

The homeowners teamed up with Fine Earth Landscape to create an extensive garden design complete with a swimming pool and spaces for garden benches.

There are many features of this garden that combine to make it a joy, but the spectacular displays of white flowers set this garden apart. Whether it is the Natchez crape myrtles, Annabelle hydrangeas and tree form pee gee hydrangeas in the back or the Zumi white crabapples and pleasant white azaleas in the front, it is just amazing that a garden can be so beautiful with just one flower color.

All of the bed lines and construction elements were designed with crisp clean lines. The flagstone terraces and walkways are all rectangular and symmetrical. The crushed stone driveway is lined with Belgian granite blocks. The fountain is set in the center of a symmetrical flagstone patio. The owners even decided to forgo an automatic pool cover as they wanted to enjoy the view of their beautiful pool all summer long.

Design Features

  • The glorious long lasting display of white flowers
  • Hundreds of boxwood in all shapes and sizes provide greenery all year long
  • A fountain is a focal point at the center of one patio
  • Rectangular swimming pool set in an almost flat turf area

Specializing in residential design and hardscape construction, Fine Earth has been in business for more than 40 years and has received more than 100 regional and national awards.

Fine Earth Landscape
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