Davis Holland Leichsenring

Creating luxurious baths and spas to renew body, mind and spirit

Following his architectural training and practice in Brazil and Europe, in 1995 Davis launched Holland Bath & Spa in the DC area, where his elegant designs enrich clients’ lives and homes.

What innovative product are you excited about?

I recently patented the HOLLSPA customizable floating shower bench, a sleek, sophisticated design that takes shower seating to a new level of beauty and comfort.

Advice for a younger designer?

Believe wholeheartedly in yourself. Carry out every task as a labor of love, especially those that may seem small or of little significance.

What is your design philosophy?

Sleek, clean lines enhanced by the interplay of light and texture… Universal design concepts so seamlessly woven into my designs that most clients barely realize they are there until the need arises.

Holland Bath & Spa Luxurious Renovations
Bethesda, MD