Purple Cherry Architects + Interior Design

Exceptional homes that are beautiful, comfortable and serene

Principal Cathy Purple Cherry and her team consider themselves creative servants. Through active listening and step-by-step communication, they respond to clients’ emotional and physical relationship with their space. Detailed planning, flexibility and creativity are key to delivering awe-inspiring homes.

What specialties set your firm apart?
We offer full architecture and interior-design services, developing projects in advanced software so clients can explore homes in real time through a 3D viewer. We bill based on time spent, not on a percentage of the cost of construction.

What inspired your career path?
I was raised within a fine arts-oriented environment; my mother was a performing artist and my father was an engineer. From age 12 I was drawn to being in a design-related profession.

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?
I do not find any aspect of my work to be challenging, I feel that everything is a journey and an opportunity to learn and grow.

What is the secret to a successful project?
You have to listen to your client well, supporting them through the design journey and respecting their budget.

Purple Cherry Architects