A rooftop deck in Logan Circle by GardenWise. Photo: Michael K. Wilkinson

Up on the Roof

J. Mark White of GardenWise shares tips on creating the perfect house-top aerie

  • Consult an engineer prior to beginning your project; you’ll need to consider the weight and location of large containers and other objects.
  • A removable, raised-pedestal system is a must for flooring, as it allows you to maintain the roof and handle drainage.
  • For shade, plant trees in large fiberglass containers with a lightweight soil mix, or install an adjustable canopy system, which is typically supported by cables that attach to the walls.
  • Concrete pavers offer longevity and come in an array of colors and finishes. Ipe decking materials can clip together and are suspended above the roof, allowing for drainage.
  • Utilize the interior and exterior architecture as a style guide, selecting containers that incorporate similar and complementary materials and colors.